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I had a great time meeting new people and sharing my experiences at the Global Change-makers Networking Event on Thursday, April 13th. The event which was co-hosted by Atlas Corps and the Hilton Prize Coalition brought together over 50 young professionals for a few hours of networking. I had the privilege of delivering brief remarks at the event and I am truly appreciative of the support of my peers. In case you missed it, my remarks have been added below.


Global Changemakers Networking Event Remarks

Hello Everyone,

I am Maxi, a class 23 Atlas Corps Fellow from Jamaica currently serving at the Council on Foundations in Crystal City, Virginia.

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to you all for coming out and sharing your time with us this evening. As you are aware, this event is a collaborative effort between Atlas Corps and the Hilton Prize Coalition and we are truly happy about this new partnership and the opportunities which may lay ahead for further collaboration.

This evening I am happy to welcome all the fellows and the Hilton Prize Coalition members, the members of staff of Global Impact and Atlas Corps, representatives from our gracious host organizations, our amazing local ambassadors, friends, all – Thank you so much for being here.

It was exactly 3 months ago, that myself and 22 other fellows from various countries across the world packed our bags and journeyed to the U.S for the start of our yearlong placement with host organizations in DC., Virginia, Maryland, New York and California. Three months in and I can safely say I have no regrets!

After just one week on this journey I realized just how truly inspired I was by the talent and wealth of experience that surrounded me during our orientation, giving true meaning to our slogan “Class 23 Rocks!”. Each of my classmates, and in fact the fellows from the previous classes as well all having unique stories, many defying the great odds to be where we are today and so I encourage you to use the next few hours to get to know them.

After just a few months of relocating here I have met individuals who have encouraged me spiritually; been in meetings with persons who have stimulated me intellectually; gathered with colleagues whose culture ignites my sense of adventure; bonded with fellows whose infectious laughter and dance moves bring me joy; and even discovered within me a new talent that touches my soul (Any ideas what that could be? Well I am now a ‘gourmet’ chef and surprisingly liking it!). That’s what this Atlas Corps fellowship has been about – a great placement at an organization that does truly remarkable work and being a part of a network of “insane-ly” talented people.

Here are 4 reasons why I believe this new partnership between the Hilton Prize Coalition and Atlas Corps is remarkable:

  1. Both initiatives focus on building the next generation of dynamic leaders in the social sector.
  2. Both consist of a network of young professionals who are truly passionate about changing the world and are doing amazing work.
  3. These networks extend to every continent around the globe.
  4. Both initiatives also serve as best practice examples of how successful collaborations can create meaningful collective impact.

I know I can speak for my colleague and say that there is great potential from this partnership and we are all truly excited to form part of this wider global network.

In closing, I want to thank you again for coming and do enjoy the rest of the evening.