Lately, I have not been riding my bike to work EVERY SINGLE DAY for several reasons. So, I decided to use the fairest weekend weather in quite some time to get up to date with my biking. I’d recently heard about the Anacostia Bike Trail (I guess I should’ve heard about it before), which goes from NE DC to SE DC along the Anacostia River, and decided to go all the way with it.



I started by going to my usual riding spot, Lake Artemesia in College Park MD, and went south through the NE Paint Branch Trail. After some awesome riding through an elevated trail I got to the beginning of the Anacostia Trail, which was more… “Urban”. The trail ended in Blandensburg, from where I took Blandensburg Road southward through some sketchy neighborhoods that reminded me of the more entertaining parts of my hometown, Lima, Peru. I crossed the DC line at Eastern avenue and kept going south on Blandensburg. Once I got to Benning Road at Kingman Park I started going south on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, which follows the train tracks and the river all the way down to the Navy Yard.


Three hours and one beautiful morning after, I got to where I was going, the ultimate goal of riding my bike.