Speaking of Boston is coined with two of the top-ranked universities in the world: Harvard and MIT. Boston is a city with 120+ universities with impressive sceneries but running on old infrastructure. Once you step in there, you will feel the rhythm of the elite education on daily lifestyle and vibes of innovation.Each school builds a strong brand that is globally respected, empowering students with the schools’ stamps.

The educational ecosystem is so exquisite due to the variation of the teaching style and diversity of the enrolled students. For Harvard and MIT, you will notice immediately the difference from their streets. Harvard with massive endowment controls the external engagement of stakeholders to the minimal. So you barely find a corporate in the perimeter of their premises; allowing more normal traffic of shoppers and tourists. That gives an exceptional indication that Harvard is well connected with the community and keep track of their pains and expectation. Driving through and parking near Harvard Square can be difficult, however, due to a heavy pedestrian population and limited parking options. Harvard Square is considered a tourist destination with rich history and offers residents and visitors a variety of public parks, bookstores, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars to enjoy while mingling within a diverse population.

Harvard University

Harvard Square

For MIT, the situation is completely different. The street leading to MIT is full of corporates. That gives a flavor of a financial district with the minimal number of pedestrians or visitors. Such picture reflects the heavy engagement of corporates in that area. This is due to the nature of specialties of MIT revolving mainly around technology.


Vassar Street near MIT

Boston is definitely a city that you would consider to visit more than one time to enjoy the social activities there and visit the historic building of Harvard and MIT.