Atlas Corps empower young change makers

There are some things that happen in your life that you never expected. I have had many of these moments, both difficult and enjoyable, but I know that they always lead to new growth. That is why I knew applying to the Atlas Corps fellowship could be a life changing experience. Atlas Corps is an organization that takes leaders from all over the world and matches them to assignments with socially-minded organizations in the United States. The global change makers that make up their classes of fellows are already world-class leaders, and return to their countries after their fellowships better equipped to keep making significant impact.

The decision to leave Honduras for a year to move to the United States was a difficult one, but deciding to join the Laureate team to contribute to their work happening globally was easy. I am a product of the Laureate network and knew that what I could learn and the perspective I could bring to our network would be invaluable.

My passion has always been for creating social change, starting when I was just a teenager with health dificulties. This experience motivated me to start a non- profit that would work with other young patients in a public hospital in Honduras. I was recognized as a local YouthActionNet fellow for this work in 2012, and since then, have been extremely involved with the social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central America.

We have a unique opportunity as members of this network to reach across borders, language barriers, and cultural traditions to increase access to education that will improve us as people and let us have an impact on our countries. This is what I have sought to do with my Atlas Corps experience, and it is what I will take back to Honduras and weave through the rest of my life.