My beautifully decorated desk. Thanks Roxanne

My first day at Worldreader: I set off from the hostel around 9:10 am and finding my way to the office was pretty easy, thanks to google map and some useful apps like ‘moovit”. I arrived to work around 9:30 am, which was 30 minutes earlier than expected. At the entrance of the office, I met a staff member who led me into the office. I was given a brief tour around the office and introduced to staff members who were present.  After which I was shown my desk, it was beautifully decorated with my laptop ready for use. I had a short meeting with my supervisor on what the organization does and the goals they hope to achieve. I must confess I was a bit nervous because it was my first day but everybody was so friendly and welcoming that I felt at ease immediately. I form part of Worldreader’s Global Monitoring and Evaluation team. I am working to help them build and implement the organization’s Global Monitoring and Evaluation systems, policies and procedures. My role includes developing the internal tools and capabilities necessary to collect, analyze and interpret data from a wide range of reading projects. I have started doing some serious work which includes designing a logical framework for a new project called LOCAL (Local Content for African Libraries) and a data entry template for an existing project. It has been a fantastic learning process so far, taking on these challenging roles and doing something new. I already feel part of the Worldreader family and I have a strong feeling that my time there will be very productive.



I actually applied to work for Worldreader in 2013 and I was not given the offer but someway and somehow by destiny, I happen to be in their headquarters here in San Francisco serving as an M&E fellow. Don’t give up on your dreams, keep on working hard on the things you are most passionate about. Continue chasing your dreams and before you know it you will be living and experiencing the reality of mixed feelings, such as a state of joy and shock.