I will never forget my fist day at school. The day when my Mother took me to the place where I will spend 6 years of my life there. That day was so weird and creepy. She hold my hand till my class and she put me on the first table. She said that she will be back in a couple of hours and I was so scared and sad. Scared of being alone with all those strangers and scared of them and the noise that they are making since most of them were crying.


Those few minutes with my mom in the classroom made me feel like it’s the end of the world and I am going to be left there as a punishment for the much of fun I had that last summer. I didn’t accept that fact, she can’t leave me there and never come back. (I still don’t know why I was thinking like that) so I decided to fellow her and leave with her the classroom. My sneaking out of the classroom was a bit different because I jumped from the window thinking that no one will notice that and because I was so lucky the principal of the school was just outside like waiting for any stupid kid to make a move.


I was caught and brought back for my classroom, I was a joke for days from my NICE classmates. But I got over it because I learnt my lesson from that. My lesson was never jump over the window if you have the door open with no control. No !!! actually my lesson that my first day was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget it. I met an amazing teacher who supported me and understood my worries. She was telling all the class that we should never be scared from her since she will be replacing our moms and she wants to see us successful leaders in our lives. That old women called SATI JAZIA no one forget her and even when I meet one of my old classmates we mention her and we keep talking about the real change that left in our personalities.


That teacher promised us that everything will be alright and we will have a very nice year with her and she kept her promise. She made me wake up early in the morning to go to school and to be ready for her session just like there are no other sessions. She was a great teacher! and great teachers we never forget about them. I want to tell Sati Jazia today that I had a similar day as a fellow with The Center for Islam and religious freedom CIRF except I didn’t jump from the window since our office in in the 8th floor. And for many other reasons.


Especially, I am not the same kid of 5 years old anymore. But I am a man. And strong men show up ready. I was ready for my first day and I was proud of my achievements, and I have learnt that I should never judge a book from its cover, I am so happy and satisfied so far from the efforts and the warm welcoming of my colleagues and my supervisor. They are so humble in a way they don’t want me to feel like I am beginner. I didn’t feel scared or cried like I did in my first day in school. I was so proud of myself and I didn’t feel that I am stranger since I was integrated from the first day. That first day of school make me stronger kid and stronger young leader. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this happens.


Dear fellows, I had a good first week for several reasons. First, I am Trump’s neighbor. He is renting a white house few blocks away of my office. Second, I had another SATI JAZIA here and she (and all the team) is very supportive person.

I recommend you that you teach your kids that they should never feel scared from their first day at school since it will be their best day in life! Teach them that they should never make judgements for things they didn’t experience yet ! I hope you all my colleagues had the same SATI JAZIA and a team like mine J