June, the first summer month in the Northern Hemisphere and the Pride month. As it’s coming to an end, I would like to share 5 of my favorite LGBTQ-related movies and reflect on love: universal, equal and free.

1. A Single Man (2009)
An unexpected at that time gem from a world-famous designer Tom Ford. A story about a man left alone in the world because of the death of his lover.
Why I love it: The movie made me cry. It is one of the most profound depictions of love I’ve seen on screen. It is deep, personal, and tragic. It is a story about serious, adult love and loss. It features some of my favorite actors who show how the people we love sometimes define us and our destiny.

2. Pride (2014)
A joyous film about un unusual union between the LGBT community in the UK and the miners. Both marginalized, they unite to fight for their rights.
Why I love it: First of all, it’s a great story. The best part about it is that it’s real (or based on real events). It is a powerful depiction of the relationship between two very different communities. Second, it shows how people you least expect can end up being your allies and how you might have a lot more in common that you’d expected. And It is certainly full of joy.

3. Milk (2008)
A story about the LGBT community in San Francisco and one of its most prominent leaders – Harvey Milk.
Why I love it: I live in San Francisco and I love the Castro. Now I can finally put a face to a name of the local hero after whom local bars have named their signature cocktails. After this film, Harvey Milk has become real to me, together with the past struggle of the LGBT community in the US.

4. Brokeback Mountain (2005)
A story about 2 cowboys who share a special bond and carry it through their lives.
Why I love it: This movie was one of my first encounters with LGBTQ on screen. The first version I’ve seen was on TV in Russia, with some scenes partially censored. Later I watched the full version too. Powerful story, great book, and talented actors who made it feel so real. One of the most significant wide screen movies of the time.

5. Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015)
A story about a brief trip to Mexico of the prominent Soviet filmmaker that brought on many unexpected discoveries.
Why I love it: Beautiful views of Mexico and a narrative about the person who influenced world cinematography. Contains many graphic scenes that would make a lot of people uncomfortable. Guess what? I went to see it with my mom. Certainly a very curious piece to watch.

Have a great Pride month!