When somebody talks about how it was Adam first

Does that make Eve second best or did God save the best for last?

She’s the heart of life

She’s the dreamers dream

She’s the hands of time

She’s the queen of kings (“Female” by Keith Urban)

Women and girls, have been marginalized for centuries because of their, physical features, treated as the weaker gender because of society gender norms, and deprived of equal treatment and opportunities in societies because of patriarchal attitudes. Female humans are not a threat to the male humans but rather supporters, allies, watchdogs, mothers and nurturers. Denying them the platform to exercise their rights should be condemned and advancing one right while ignoring the rest is a drop in the ocean because human rights are interdependent and indivisible, just like a human body. The universality of human rights should be equally promoted and protected. Women’s right ensure women and girls  can get an education, own property, vote, take up leadership positions in government, get paid fair wages, make decisions about their bodies, live free from violence including sexual assault and harmful cultural practices.  Women’s rights should be promoted and protected in every facet of life by supporting and empowering women to demand and advance their rights.

#Kill Patriarchal Attitudes.

# Women’s rights are Human rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.