Eights months in and I’m nearing completion of all my major projects at my host organisation. What’s the reward for good hard work? You guessed it. More work! I’m a workaholic so this is basically Christmas for me. My latest venture has a creative spin on it too. I get to work and I get to be creative too, how awesome its this!

Since January, I’ve been out and about with my camera across DC at the various protests and through that I’ve amassed a nice collection of images. They speak well to the times and the socio-political climate of Washington DC and the US in 2017. Besides plastering them across my room in 2×4 matte prints from Walmart, I want to share them with you guys. So in July I’m planning a charity exhibition. I’m hosting a  exhibition at my host organisation with my best photos on display. If you like ’em you can buy ’em. All proceeds go to poverty relief in DC.