The U.S. Department of State celebrated 75 years of state-sponsored exchange programs this year. From 1940 to the present, the Department administers exchange programs for more than 50,000 participants each year.


Being a 2012 ELPak fellow and a 2015 EGLI-AtlasCorps fellow, I would like to acknowledge U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy Pakistan, Emerging Leaders of Pakistan, Atlas Corps and Disaster Accountability Project which have boosted my energy and passion to contribute to build a better Pakistan for a better world.

As the globalization factor is reaching its peak in the 21st century with numerous challenges and opportunities, it is crucial for us to listen, understand, explain and share ideas, concerns and thoughts in an organized and harmonized way for the global social and economic prosperity.

2012 Batch of ELPak Fellows

2012 Batch of ELPak Fellows

Pakistani youth has tremendous potential which, if harnessed, can be the genesis of change. All required is to provide platforms like Emerging Leaders of Pakistan and Atlas Corps to the youth of Pakistan, who can exchange knowledge and ideas and make their efforts for a peaceful, tolerant and organized civil society of Pakistan having respect and distinction.


I am grateful for everything you and your teams have done for us. Our network is a rich mix of professionals from different backgrounds, areas of expertise and visions. The learning and exposure acquired in United States through meetings with intellectuals, technical personalities, and civil society organizations is a definite improving factor within the work alumni are doing in Pakistan.

I would conclude by quoting Assistant Secretary of State, Evan Ryan: “Let’s continue to show the world how important exchanges are to our shared future”