The world’s population is approximately 7.6 billion and is increasing day by day. Every single person is different with respect to the shape, attitude, behavior, gender, and economic status, and thus so every country. We can add many indicators to the aforementioned indicators – based on which we can differentiate among people, countries, and regions.

As each human is unique in nature, likewise each country is also unique that’s where we dig into the topic of diversity. Places, where diversity exists, are rich in different aspects and has many things to teach and for other many aspects to learn from.

This beauty of diversity has taught me a lot when I was in Boston for a fellowship known as Community College Initiative Program. I spent ten months in Boston and visited many different places including key historical places, educational institutes, memorials, businesses, and many non-profits. I met people who were shaping behaviors, strategies, and most importantly the future of the world.

This every visit gives me an opportunity to learn something new, to enhance my capacity, expand my network, and to envision my career, and most significant was to take something back home (Pakistan) so that we (Pakistan) can also envision a well sustainable development trend.

Some countries are very famous for their being late attitude but when I embraced the real work and student life of United States, I learned the importance of time, and how time plays a role in changing one’s life. I learn the vitality of being organized, disciplined, self-awareness, profoundness, and hard work. These are some social aspects which are taken very light in a country like Pakistan. I won’t blame the people, there are other factors for that such as unemployment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

There are countless benefits that one can avail during an exchange program such as exposure to new culture, learning different outlooks, awareness about history, exchanging and enhancing skills, develop leadership skills, gain knowledge about the country your exchange program is, and a greater understanding of world’s complexities.

The good point of it is that it is not a half year, or a year, or 18 months of your life, but It’s a life in your exchange program. While the relatively bad part is that you will never be completely at home again, you will miss the friends, people, good memories, places, and of course opportunities.

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

I hope this new journey of Atlas Corps Fellowship will be full of great experiences, learning, and networking. Wish you all good luck in new endeavors.