Today had the incredible chance of participating in a Social Development training at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The motto of this summit was Demand Solutions: how innovation and entrepreneurship can create better living conditions for the inhabitants of the Americas.                                                                  para blog
The day started with an amazing speech from former U.S.Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, addressing the new paradigm regarding the Global North South relations. After that, many speakers, some of them more engaging than others, addressed the audience with their appreciations about entrepreneurship and development. But there was one young Latina teacher from San Francisco that caught my attention. Well, first of all because her entire presentation was based on comics (which I love), but most because of the powerful message behind: Education, education, education.

Education IS the tool to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and, therefore, development. All the talent that is wasted every year, every day and every second due to the lack of accessible quality education is a luxury we cannot afford as global society. As part of the civil society I make a call to the governments, key actors and policy makers: Invest in education.
Someone asked today about Latin America: Where are the Frida Kahlo of science? Where are the Messi of nanotechnology? And the Neruda of Genetics? They are right there, in hundreds of thousands of talented children and youth. But we might never know.