When I first heard the sentence “edit your dreams” my mind went into decipher mode. I quickly tried to wrap my brain around it, and answer the gentleman in front of me. I wanted to impress. “I analyze even the most mundane things. So why can’t I show off my skills when it mattered most. Arrgghh!!!,” I thought.

My thoughts were punctuated, “edit your dreams,” he said for the second time, subtly adding “you’re here now.”  Then, it dawned on me. I was at the UN Headquarters in New York, attending a movie screening jointly organized by the US and Vietnamese Permanent Missions to the UN.

It was dream come true – I had always wanted to “work” at the UN. So, here I was two weeks into my Fellowship, attending on behalf of my host organization, Restless Development, USA. But this man, whom I’ve just met, says edit your dream?!

You see ambition is an endless abyss. It never stops. When success kisses you, it almost always opens the door to the endless pursuit for more. Perhaps, it is a good thing. Don’t rest on your laurels, they say. And, to contextualize, we have been chosen as social change leaders to build capacity to lead globally.

In age of this age of “youth spring”, we have been called out as social change leaders to participate; to be torch bearers; to guarantee that this super-connected generation secures a sustainable future. Pictures with role models are great (and I’ve had a few :)), but we’re not here for a show.  Yes, a balanced life is absolutely necessary. But we can’t afford to blur lines.  We must edit our dreams! Build the right networks and fulfill the investment made on our potential. The onus is on us!