Did you know that less than one-third of teenage girls feel confident about themselves by the time they reach high-school? As a result, 75 percent of girls who suffer from low self-esteem tend to engage in negative social activities and risky behavior.

Erinn Aulfinger knows that the physical and emotional transition from a girl to a young woman can be challenging. Having witnessed so many of her friends undergo a major transformation, she decided to help girls in her community cope with the stresses associated with puberty. Erinn is a natural-born writer who developed her talent through extensive practice and participation in a number of writing competitions. She put all her passion for storytelling into a resource for young girls who go through puberty. She created a book that shares inspiring stories of women and their journey through adolescence, presents facts about puberty, and provides self-esteem building exercises. The book is a fantastic toolkit for young girls facing puberty who may not necessarily know how to deal with it.

In order to create the book, Erinn did extensive research on the issue of self-esteem decline among young women, contacted 1,000 people and different organizations, and raised $5,000 to publish her book. Erinn’s work helped young women understand the reasons for a drop in self-esteem during the adolescent years and gave them the confidence to battle self-esteem issues. The testimonies of girls who used Erinn’s book in the past show that there is a noticeable positive change in how they felt about themselves and how they treated other girls as well. Erinn is planning on distributing the book as a free resource to all the 6th-grade girls in her school district. The bigger dream that she has is to take the book to a global level to help young women grow all over the world.