According to official statistics, South Sudan has a dire record on maternal mortality, one of the worst in the world. Data issued by the Federal Ministry of Health and Statistics Department, in collaboration with organizations working in the field of health in 2006 ,the latest available data, showed that maternal and child mortality during childbirth reached 2,054 in southern Sudan Of every 100 women, three women died while giving birth.

The number of deaths in the states was  as follows, Upper Nile state 2094, Jonglei 1861, Unity State 1732, and Warrap State 2173, Northern Bahr el Ghazal 2182, Western Bahr el Ghazal 2216, Lakes 2243, Western Equatoria in 2327, Central Equatoria 1867 and in Eastern Equatoria 1844 deaths. The country remains blighted by its maternal mortality rate and low reproductive health

Poverty is the major cause of death among women and children while giving birth. The country faces a shortage of infrastructure, including a lack of roads and paved streets to transport patients from rural areas to urban centers, a lack of ambulances or other emergency vehicles.

Meanwhile, many women do not have access to health centers, putting them at risk. According to statistics issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, only14 percent of women give birth in hospitals under the supervision of an intensive health care assistant.

The situation of women has deteriorated sharply as a result of the war underway in South Sudan since December 2013, which has killed more than 10,000 people and forced millions to flee their home, leaving them without basic health care, food and shelter. And increased the high rate of poverty amid the various communities according to studies conducted by the organizations working in the development field.


In my opinion, the ministry of health has to implement a new strategy of partnerships, opening more nursing schools and work in a training for more midwives and nurses to cover areas which have the highest mortality rate.

Secondly; it should work in campaigns. Which will include members from civil societies and government institute to boost the efforts of to combat harmful traditional practices such as early and forced child marriage? The country must put an effort for building the country infrastructure by help some agencies to work underground and provides the needed health care.