Acknowledging the relevance of customer experience as a competitive advantage and confirm that companies who put customers at the center of the whole strategy are companies who champion the marketplace. I wish to give a couple of useful pointers on how to enhance that Customer Experience and push you towards a customer-centric approach rather than a product-center approach.
First of all, define how your product satisfies the customer’s needs and solves a problem for them. This may sound self-explanatory and too logical but it is necessary to think about these two factors when designing a product. The success of your product and satisfaction of your clients is directly correlated to the degree of understanding of your customer’s context and needs.
Second, anticipating your client’s needs gives you a head start and the competitive edge you need to beat your competition. Professional TIP: get ahead of the game by identifying a possible crisis your clients might and eventually will face; then create a reward system for your clients when they face those complications, regardless if they notice the malfunction or not.
Last but not least, be sure your product is at the right moment in the right place. Be certain that you choose a channel your client actively visits and watches, as well as confirming that channel is not saturated with competitors offering generic products.