I do not live in a pineapple or wear square pants if that is what you are wondering, but today at the Social Good Summit in New York I met Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau.

It was only fitting to talk about #DeepProblems with one of the Cousteaus (Fabien is the third generation of oceanographer explorers) when hundreds of thousands were just blocks away at the Climate March demanding actions from policy makers from 160 countries  reunited for the United Nations Summit on #ClimateChange .

We can´t all go and live at the bottom of the sea or go for a ride in our custom shark shaped submarine like Cousteau (jealous!) , but to call attention on environmental issues, those of us that could not be down at the march were tweeting our hearts out.

Like Cousteau we can and we need to spread the word on climate change until citizen voices are heard; “The time for words is over…first they ignored us, then they laughed at and now they are fighting us. It’s time to win!” Kumi Naidoo, (Director of Greenpeace International paraphrasing Gandhi).

We are speaking, they are listening. The time for action is now! #2030Now *Drops Mic*

– MVD @mvdangond1