Being an Atlas Corps fellow does not only imply to be hosted at a US based organization, it is the full package of resources and opportunities to further develop the leader in you, the most recent opportunity I had was attending and participating in Devex World 2018.

A one day of speeches, sessions, workshops and networking activities to converge, exchange and inspire. Many luminaries did share  ideas, thoughts, and expertise on how to proceed, navigate and pave the way for a better world.

Despite the fact that many speakers were able to truly communicate with me and deliver their message yet the highlight for me was to have the chance to listen to Q & A session with Madame Rula Ghani, Afghanistan first lady.

With loads of information to digest and ideas to process I went home, thinking about how to utilize and build on the great connections I gained because of this day, for the best of Palestine and its people. Teach for All, Oxfam, WomenDeliver and many others will very soon make a real impact in Palestine.