Holidays in the USA is a special kind of experience filled with love, happiness and joy.(And of course, presents.) It’s the Christmas spirit in everything from sparkling  and fully decorated houses and Christmas trees to gingerbread lattes, eggnog and carols-sinning from every corner and speaker-phone. It’s one of the most exciting times to be in the country and to experience it’s love for the holiday season and family-friends celebration.

Americans treasure their Christmas experience, regardless of their religious believes or the lack of thereof. More then anything, I have noticed, it is treated as the time to give back, to spread kindness and to be a better neighbor, a better friend, a better citizen. To approach the world with an open heart, to offer support and not judgment, to be present, to speak from the heart and value the interconnections in the world. Years on, my first American Christmas still holds a place in my heart with the memories of warmth and almost magical anticipation, hot chocolate and festive movies on Christmas eve, stockings on the chimney, filled with more presents then I ever remember seeing in one spot, first ever catholic Christmas mass, ginormous family dinner and on-the-street-carol-sinning.
This time around I am happy and grateful to be spending this time with the people I love, looking at the ever gently falling snow and the smell of turkey that is being cooked in the oven. I am grateful for the gift of wondering, discovering, learning, experiencing and the freedom for being on this journey.
It’s also a valuable and  heartwarming feeling this time of the year – to be part of the community that represents so many different parts of the world, it’s cultures and so many different ways of experiencing, expressing and giving back. And a very special knowledge- being part of the unique and united action for change in the world.
Merry Christmas, dear community and cheers to what’s to come!