Open Gov Hub has been the meeting place for people and innovative ideas for 4 years now, and we’d love to celebrate this achievement with all of our friends!

Please join us for snacks, drinks, and networking (this *is* DC, afterall).

We’ve also got some fun games in store for all willing participants, so come ready to party and celebrate with all of us at Open Gov Hub.

About OpenGovHub:

Open Gov Hub is a unique co-working community in Washington, D.C. and a network of 40 nonprofit organizations/NGOs who are working in 100+ countries, to promote transparency, accountability, and civic engagement around the world.

The Open Gov Hub was established as the first co-working space and network for open government in the world, and as a non-profit social enterprise in late 2012 with Global Integrity and Development Gateway as co-founders. Our founders and many of the leaders of our current member organizations were previously senior leadership at the World Bank, with decades of rich experience in international development. There are currently two global affiliate Open Gov Hubs – the first in Kathmandu, Nepal and the other in Monrovia, Liberia, and we hope to support more global Hubs with this theme in the future.

Our large 20,000-square foot office and events space in downtown Washington, D.C. is the home of 40 organizations (and over 225 people) promoting these open government (“OpenGov”) reforms through technology, research, media, advocacy. The OpenGov Hub’s mission in twofold: To support the global open government movement by helping opengov organizations and partners share resources to be more efficient, and collaborate to be more effective. We are the only organization doing this work and strive to be the world-class center for learning, collaboration and innovation that helps governments be more open, accountable, participatory and responsive to their citizens all around the world. As a community, we collectivly work toward making governments and public policy more efficient, transparent, accountable, and participatory across the globe. For example, some of the projects our member organizations work on, with their local partners in many different countries include:

  • helping educate citizens to monitor public budgets,
  • helping create tools for citizens to give feedback to improve the quality of government services like health and education,
  • helping citizens, governments and businesses all make use of open data.

The Open Gov Hub regularly organizes and hosts a wide variety of public activities and events around these and other issues at least once per week here in DC to advance our mission – by the end of this year we will have organized approximately 150 events and activities in 2017 alone.

Our goal is to increase the international cooperation between organizations in Washington and those locally in your country and deepen the impact of open government reform efforts within these countries.

If you would like to explore  more about our Hub, we would love to speak with you to find ways to work together.

We invite you to come visit and meet with us here at the Open Gov Hub in downtown (at 1110 Vermont Ave NW, Suite 500, two blocks from McPherson Square)

Happy Birthday to all the Members and staff of OpenGovHub.