A couple days ago, Statista, the German-based online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal released numbers and a small article on Customer Experience in the Digital era and we wanted to echo a couple of insights from them with your our reader and Allied Global Ally.

The use of social media nowadays has made a recommendation and harsh critics on your products are service travel in light speed and double in reach. In a pre-social media era, bad service at a restaurant meant you would not go back to that restaurant and maybe tell friends not to go. Today, a bald yelp review you submit can mean 10 or even 100 times more people not going to that restaurant because of your opinion post.

Thanks to technology, people now share their customers experience in person as well as through their cell phones on social media; and they also tend to only share that info when the experience was bad.

According to research led by the Tamkin Group, 34% of the consumers share anything about good experiences with a company hile only 27% keep negative customer experiences to themselves.

The following chart shows exactly the mentioned trend.