“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, so as to give you a future and a hope. When you call me, and come and pray to me, l will listen to you…” words from the Bible – Jeremiah 29vs11-13.

For years that has been my favorite verse in the Bible, having been raised in a strict Catholic household and learnt at a Catholic all girls high school. Through the years that verse has applied a lot in my life as l feel God’s hand in all my successes, achievements and victories.

What is this life but likened to a floating leaf swayed by the wind. How do we contribute to what our life becomes? how do we influence fate and destiny? Complex questions that at times need no explanations but the ability to embrace various circumstances, no matter how positive or negative.

Be that as it may, the circumstances in my life have led me to this place – a land of dreams – to dream, to plan, to learn and to to enjoy. But how did I get here? It seems a mystery of its own.

While in primary school my career objective was to become a lawyer, but l was told I’d never be a lawyer because I was too shy. That dispelled my dream.

In high school my dream was to become the head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, having taken up commercial subjects at Advanced Level.

However, by the time l got to university studying for a Bachelors in Accounting, l was not at all sure if l wanted to be an Accountant, worse still a Chartered Accountant. I got deeply involved in student activism and student politics – my dream? To see the accessibility of education to all and not only for the elite. Quoting Nelson Mandela’s words , “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” l became an advocate, an activist and lobbyist.

Accidental or not, my passion became the need to see justice, and to be a voice for the voiceless. I took it upon myself to stand up and speak for the oppressed – maybe in a way l became a lawyer. My university life seemed a contradiction to many as it was rare to see an Accounting student being involved and well versed in student, national and international politics. That was a turf reserved for those in the arts, and mainly reserved for males. Arrests, jails, beatings and torture were no place for a young female student. But I was determined…..or, rather, the wind was simply blowing this leaf in a specific direction. Was it my dream, intention, or was it fate???

Through working at the Students Solidarity Trust and National Movement of Catholic Students, I remained committed to the student’s cause and to be there to help young people open up their minds and fight for their rights. And yes, I was working in my profession – Finance and Accounting.

My passion for the game of soccer saw me joining the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe. Again, this is an organization whose mandate is to represent soccer players whose careers are held at ransom by the powers that be. Yes, again I was in the financial position, but the mission, vision and objectives of this organization propelled me to be part of a fight for rights – a fight that is still ongoing.

My profession versus my passion – it seems that has been my life thus far. However, what stands out is that I am a qualified accountant, whose calling is in working at not for profit organizations and entities,a voice for the voiceless, with a special knack for leadership, empowerment, advocacy and development. That seems to sum up who l am.

But, today l am an Atlas Corps Fellow in a land famed for being a place of dreams. My arrival here has shown me that I am just starting to dream, to see myself from henceforth. To experience, to network, to learn, to find my calling and to shape my future.

So here I am, ready to dream, in this land of dreams….for the Lord knows His plans for me, plans to prosper me. All l need is to pray and to call to Him so that He makes my pathway clear and straight.

And I pray, “So help me God.”