With over a decade experience in the humanitarian and social development sector in health, education, and child protection, an equitable qualification and exposure to different contexts and environments, I had well utilized opportunities in polishing my skills and grabbing expertise on different aspects of projects and program management & development. However, with all the goods of the wide array of skills and expertise I had, the touch of a global perspective and internationalized experience was lacking to gauge and grow my professional tier, and serve in accordance to the standards used at the highest levels of the global development process. This urge pushed me to strive and search for an opportunity to meet the career objective, and I stumbled upon the prestigious Atlas Corps – an Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Besides the fellowship, bringing fellows together from across the globe from different social, ethnic and geographic backgrounds provided me an opportunity to learn and share more as we live together in groups. Indeed the great ambition of Atlas Corps to help create capacities of the capable workforce from developing and underdeveloped countries across the globe by providing them a life changing opportunity. Thanks Atlas Corps – helping change my life.

Atlas Corps humbling to be able to help in some small way the people I see as role models, friends, and global leaders. If Fellows are supported well, they get so much more out of the fellowship, both inside and outside of the host organization.

The journey I decided to start one year ago is coming to an end. When your mind expands in a way you don’t see borders any more, when color is just an anecdote, your life changed forever.

You have the power to change the world—one brave act and one person at a time. Please use it.” Robin Sharma

Here are the interesting views /interaction of fellows /Friends about me during this prestigious fellowship program. You all are Rock stars J

Sadia’s Final project Atlas Corps