Although, without a doubt, women’s rights and freedoms have expanded by leaps and bounds in the past 100 heck 20 years, the idea that women have fully attained equality is quite simply preposterous – especially in light of most recent events (looking at you and your “locker-room talk” Donald Trump).


Girl Power. Photo credit

While it is true that now more than ever, women have more social, political and economic rights—we have come a long way and there is much reason to celebrate our journey. We have fought hard to rightfully take our seats at the tables of power, authority, negotiation, in every socio-economic aspect. However the fact,sadly, is, we still have to deal with the detrimental side effects of gender inequality everyday. The timeless stereotypes are truly alive and well. We still have to deal with pay inequality, body-shaming, slut-shaming, mansplaining, victim-blaming,various forms of abuse, just to name a few. Women and girls continue to feel unsafe in public spaces, still have to fight for equal pay, still struggle for their voices to be heard, still have to risk it all (ask Malala) for the most fundamental rights like education. Yes we have come along way but there is still a long road ahead , the struggle is real and its far from over.

Call it feminism – or not (I personally am averse to -isms), call it whatever name you chose, don’t even take sides, just take a stand for the rights of women and girls everywhere.