Are you the busy DC professional, looking to unwind the day, slow things down with a relaxed evening serene mood that targets to refresh the tired limbs as well as replenish the mind and soul? Does your sweet tooth tickle your taste pads, tempting you to desire to quench the exploits that a lofty appetite dictates?

Is your curiosity to venture international in your inquisitive search for the variety of cuisine offered with a rare ensemble of entertainment, leisure, company and the exoticism of affluence, flair and flavor, originality, expertise and bare abundance of raw undiluted courtesy and hospitality?

Your search ain’t gonna take you long. That wholesome place exists. It’s the Wharf!

Not in the known history of DC has there been such an assortment of complete, hot and rich cuisine hotel chain in one place? The Wharf offers, almost to a modified departmental marketing business independence yet under one roof, an ideal place to shop for everything cuisine, of the American, Spanish, French, Irish, Mediterranean, Mexican as well as Belgium origin. Its central location right in the hearthstone of Greater Washington Metropolis, its variety, the fact of being a strategic waterfront accessible through all imaginable exciting modes of transportation from motorbike, car and public metro transit to boat, is an undisputable apprehension that defies description.

The place has the best of restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining, casual cafes, and gourmet-on-the-go on the waterfront.

If you are a fan of shopping, you are most welcome to pry the huge stores and boutiques selling both local and international brands of clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes. The place offers a whole new level of sensory experience and enjoyment.

After my friends and I had enjoyed the Mexican cuisine, and done some shopping, we wrapped up our day by catching a water taxi round trip to Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. By that time, we were thoroughly schooled. Our next visit is already scheduled for a tour of the National Harbor in Maryland, from where we plan to devour the scenic views of the nation’s capital from the Potomac.

The Wharf is the ultimate wholesome package! Find more in this link