Dawn of the today.

Dawn of the today.

[And] When tomorrow never came… I became enslaved. A prisoner, bound by the sudden emptiness of today. Crippled by the pain of my heart ripping,  blinded by the splinters as it shattered to pieces.

Unable to see the future once written, I became lost.  Lost to the songs of my heart and the rhythms of my soul….Void of any desire to step into that now unfamiliar… unimagined future….less you.

When tomorrow never came, I became a child, yearning for the comfort of your embrace….the assurance of your smile,  the inspiration of your presence.

When tomorrow never came, I became doubtful; doubtful of ever feeling whole again. Every thing became less… words: meaning[less]; food taste[less]- I became less and less of the person I was with each coming day.

When tomorrow never came
I became bitter and resentful of today..