crush it

It is always hard to start and may it be individuals or organizations, they struggle in the beginning but when they keep moving with a passion to do something they usually emerge as successful. I used to be a professional DJ and the most interesting thing about this is that I never knew what music mixing is until I went to a party where I was struggling to hide my helplessness in having fun with other people. It also inspired me to take initiatives in my life and I think everyone can make a difference by keeping a few things in mind.

Here are some lessons that I learnt as DJ and can be used to launch new startups to make an impact:

Watch and learn

It is essentially important for all the startups to observe and learn about the market they are stepping in. Knowhow of the market gives you the basics of moving a step further. Let me share experience of my first dance party making it relevant for startups to know the market. I saw people having fun on the dance floor and people accompanying  me joined them the moment they entered the party. Since I had no idea of and interest in dancing at that time, I went to the DJ booth and stood next to him who was busy mixing the music. I started observing what type of music attracts people and they tend to stay on the dance floor and what music make them leave the dance floor. The art of mixing the music really inspired me and I kept noticing this trend for the whole night. Later, I began going to parties every weekend for the sake of learning DJing. Every DJ I noticed has his own music collection and style to mix the tracks but few skills were common that all crowds enjoy.

Replicate what works but go with your gut

When the startups have enough knowledge about the market and know their target audience, the next step is to pick ideal examples and replicate them with your own idea. How I started this is by pursuing my passion to learn DJing by getting a Pioneer Mixer within the next few weeks. Initially, I started replicating the music from my observation in my room during the free time. No one in my family knew what I was up to. I made hundreds of blunders but continuous practice polished my skills. After having a grip on mixing music, I searched for new music to update my collection. Later, I had that gut feeling of having a music collection that surely will be a reason for a hell of a night for the audience.

Test and Refine

This is the testing phase when you begin experimenting your product or services on people – the launch. I tested my music collection and mixing skills on my friends and it motivated me to be a DJ in a party. During my first show, I got huge shout-outs, not only from my friends but from many other people, even some professional DJs appreciated my skills. I was thrilled to get such a good response from the audience who keep coming to take selfies with me.

Make people feel good

Making your customers feel important and facilitate them in the best possible way are some of factors that keep them trusting you and use your services. Being a DJ, I began relating my music mix skills to impact the feelings of people during the parties. Relating yourself to people and making them feel passionate are somehow linked to making people feel good about themselves. It only requires the passion to make an impact as a DJ. Also, when you are passionate about something your passion will be quite visible on the dance floor with people having so much fun.