“Health service no matter how efficient cannot change the condition of the marginalized people unless they are helped to become self-reliant and the root problem addressed. People who are poor and illiterate are like uncut gem hidden under the dirt and stone. Given the opportunity they can reach their full potential and live as responsible, sensitive human possessing self-reliance and the liberty to shed those old customs and tradition that impede health and development” – Arole and Arole, 1994. Communities are a Resource not a Target learning how to access this resource in order to benefit the health of the community is one of our greatest challenges.

The quotes from the Arole’s has made a lasting impression on me, people without basic education especially women can be involved in community health if given proper training and empowerment. The Jamkhed Comprehensive Rural Health Project, and BRAC in Bangladesh are good examples to showcase the role of Community Health Workers/women in promoting health.

As a personal project I intend to promote changing behaviors at the household level by carrying out training of women in rural communities, giving them basic health information that will empower them and enable them to participate in health.