After Nexus and the amazing/hectic experience of being networking for 3 days (a few business cards and lots of inspiring experiences), it is impossible for me to guide you through the conference, but I can certainly tell the story of the hashtag #WeAreNexus.

Hashtags are the (cyber)footprints of our generation – publics and easy to analyze/follow– since they allow us to take part of any discussion in social media and make meaningful contributions by engaging online in the ‘always’ difficult task of making the world a better place.

During the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2016 (or just Nexus), the dialogue of the participants using the #WeAreNexus hashtag was more than a strategy to report what ‘was going on.’ It was a medium to express feelings, share inspiring stories and initiatives, promote future commitments and bond with new acquaintances that definitely “have got your back for the rest of your life” – as they constantly repeated day in and day out. Nexus gathered over 600 young investors, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, influencers, and allies working to increase and improve philanthropy and social impact investing in order to catalyze new leadership for addressing global problems (Nexus mission).

So far, the dialogue generated around the hashtag #WeAreNexus, according to KeyHole & Hashtagify, today July 29th 2016 (using my free subscription to this very useful platform) can be translated into a dashboard in this way:


#WeAreNexus _ KeyHole

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Share of posts _ KeyHole


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