When I was a little girl, only about five or six years old, my parents took me and my brother to Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is one of the Six Flags amusement part in California. Of course I was excited! My brother was telling me all these stories how their rollercoaster ride is art of the century and it’s the most amazing ride in the whole wide world! (Remember I was only yay-big and believed in anything my older brother told me). So I got all excited to ride all the cool stuff, pretend that I’m all grown-up, though I always felt terrified before the first fall. Anyways, we waited for hours to finally get our turn to ride, and then disaster struck. I was not eligible. I was too short.

Think about it, you’re still in pre-school and when someone tells you no to something that you really want, it’s not a pretty picture.

I cried and cried, and also begged to let me in, but there was no way I was getting on that ride. Six Flags has haunted me ever since. I always had this unfinished business with the park. So, I promised myself that I would go and get on that ride that once denied me as a kid. (Talk about grudges, haha)

Why bring up this now? Because there is Six Flags about an hour away from DC!

You see, whenever I came back to the States for some reason, I would always look for Six Flags amusement park, but it was usually too far away. But NOW, it’s totally doable! I’m now just waiting for the right warm day to drive myself out there. I found out ways to get a discount, I found out they have water slides as well (how exciting?), and they seem to have the similar rollercoaster ride that denied me.

I am happy for myself that I will be enjoying my every second at the park and also for the fact that I may finally find my Zen mode with Six Flags, settle the unfinished business we had 20 years ago.

(But now that I’ve written this all down, I feel like I have a problem)

Regardless, anyone care to join me on my adventure?!