It’s been about 2 months since I got here. The experience has been amazing. Transition can be quite interesting with the right mindset. Let’s see what have I learnt so far that I can share. Oh memes are life! And Atlas Corps memes are for eternity!! Don’t get caught off guard – you will be a legend. Thankfully I didn’t learn the hard way but from what I’ve seen, everyone is a walking meme in disguise. And GLL is the best harvest ground. We even have a new class – fresh meat!

Yay! I have gotten used to the train and motion sickness- except when I’m hungry though. But why don’t the speakers in the train work? Well some of them do but I wonder if the drivers do it intentionally. (I actually heard one rap away the destinations). What are you saying? Speak up! Anyway that’s another story.
And what’s with that DuPont Circle escalator? It is looong! That’s enough time for breakfast, 3 quick emails, 10 WhatsApp messages and even an episode of Game of Thrones!! I mean I just got out of a rush hour train underground (you can imagine); I’m either running late or just itching to see the sky. Okay it’s not that bad but it takes 2 full minutes to make your way out to light (yes I have timed it). And if you think you can walk all the way up, I wish you the best. I tried it twice! Needless to say, that was my whole workout quota for that month. Haven’t tried ever since. Kudos to those who do it on a daily, I aim to be like you when I grow up.

Ah to daylight and the streets of DC. Hopefully it isn’t raining. Then you think you’ve mastered the grid of roads and their names and the location of the Capital. After all its 1st, 2nd, 3rd, A, B, C etc. There’s even half street and you are proud you know about that. But the diagonals, the Connecticut, Georgia, Park and Florida Avenues; those just throw me off guard. Google maps to the rescue!

All in all though, it’s been fantastic. Not just because of these experiences, but mainly because of the people you come across. The people you share some of these experiences with. The ones who help guide you and are willing to lend a helping hand, a joke to make you smile or a smile to make you feel welcome. And these fellows are rock stars! Every one of them is a gem; it depends on what kind of treasure you are searching for at that point. I’m grateful to be here, and I’m honored to experience this journey.
Done writing this and I am still on this escalator! Sigh, DC life!!