Tools And Tactics For A Healthy Work Culture

I am very grateful for many learnings and experiments that I was part of during my time at Philanthropy University, California. As much as the organization is keen on making a measured impact around the world, it is equally focused on strengthening the interactions and values of the internal human resources in the organization.

As a result of an offsite, the team is now focused on a specific quarterly theme that is inline with our work. Everyone has taken an effort to live, breathe and incorporate them day to day reflecting on the behavior and work. During the past two quarters, we have focused on Feedback and Mindfulness as two key themes, we as a team would want to focus on.  Connor Diemand Yauman, CEO together with the team identify a  “theme” for every quarter, something that we want to work on or reinforce that is aligned with our organizational values.  He asks his team for regular, concrete interventions that reinforce that theme. These themes are posted on the walls and rooms in the office including the phone booths and kitchen area. The posters are very much visible and it serves as a reminder and a reflection of how we do business. Connor says, “These printouts are a simple cue reminding us to be more mindful and present. You can’t look anywhere in our office without having them in your line of sight; they’re inescapable.”

Quarter 3, the attention was on Mindfulness in terms of how behaviors, norms, and processes can we establish to engender more mindfulness and presence in our interactions.

During quarter 4, we focused on Feedback, on how can we give, solicit and receive feedback continually. How do we ensure feedback is honest, respectful and beneficial to mutual appreciation and growth.





If your organization has similar practices, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.