© Sobia Nosheen (from “The Blue“, 21st November 2007)

O ignorant fool out there, taking innocent lives

You ought to stop it all, before your turn too, arrives

Misinterpreting “Jihad” and giving it a wrong meaning

Spreading extremism and the youth you are misleading

You think you’ll get away with causing all the trouble?

Don’t be surprised when ultimately truth will burst your bubble

This world that you so dearly hold, is only an illusion

Your strife and toil to own it, is merely your delusion

You plan to wipe off other souls, by illicit tactics

You think you are supreme, thus carrying on with your tricks

The lust, the craze, to capture territories all around

Destroying the peace and harmony on this earth, on every ground

Have you ever asked yourself O terrorist, where you’ll end?

What will you be left with, only, right in the end?

Entangling different nations in wars with one another

Within a nation, training boys blow themselves up; with a thousand others

You think you’re so perfect and your plans are foolproof

That’s where you’re mistaken; from success you stand aloof

You can’t live many a lifetimes, to enjoy what you make

Just think would you not age or die, would you not rot in your grave?