During the last month, the most frequently asked question would be: when are you leaving?

I can’t account how many times I have answered that question and I don’t know how to describe my feelings when I answer it – not excited, not sad, I just don’t know.

You spend one year in the U.S, adapting from the most nostalgic first two months to enjoy grocery stores and fun hangouts. At the time when you have just get used to it, it’s time to leave.

Gladly, it is not an end but a new start! Better to think that way! With the colorful experiences in the past 12 months, you might have changed a lot and it’s a new you. Those who you left behind in the U.S. will become your big support from now on.

So, bravely embrace the leaving moment, try to hug those you leave, and wait patiently until your next meet up.

As leaving is for reunion.