Do you feel that time is moving “too fast,” and, that you have too many things to do, not enough time to finish¬†them, and that you would need a 48-hour day or a week of eight days to acomplish all that you have accumulated?

It is not an exclusive feeling of you or some people, that has happened to all of us. Feeling that one does not progress with tasks and that time goes on without stopping, it gives the impression that our time has not been “well spent” or that it has been “wasted”. But the good news is that you can reverse this situation in your favor, and that you can go on to get the most out of your time by simply implementing these simple steps:

1.- Make daily or weekly goals: A small plan where we outline the goals of the day or the week that we start helps us, no doubt, to achieve the contemplated, marks the way forward and we know where we march.

2.- First things first: Setting priorities on your list of “pending things” gives you the pulse to know what to do first and what can be left for the end. This way you have your time focused on the most important thing. You can even list activities for best results.

3.- Discipline: By staying focused on what weighs most in your scale of values, the results of your effort and the time you invest, do not wait.

4.-Question your systems: In reviewing your activities you will surely get some that work perfectly, other unnecessary or disposable and other perfectible, such as those that, with small changes, can yield optimum results. Like life, time is one of those things that we all have, without distinction, but, without a doubt, we do not all give it the value it deserves.

Our time is one of our treasures. Let us defend it with zeal as no one will appreciate it as much as ourselves. In the end, a correct management of our time is one of the best decisions we can make when it comes to launching our projects, because the more useful time we add, the faster we will move towards our goals.