Creativity has become a must in order to compete in the professional word. Creativity is a skill that can be cultivated by adopting the right habits. It can also be enhanced within our workplace if we embrace the right policies.

Here are few methods to increase creativity and innovation within your organization and specially within your team:

  1. Pushing your team to think outside of the box is not an easy task, that’s why you need to work more on improving your brainstorm process. Rule number 1: there is no stupid idea, ALL ideas are great. Your teammates need to come up with the craziest idea ever, maybe it is the next top product or service. Second, you need to work on the feasibility of the selected idea in the most efficient way. And finally, innovation should be recognized. The reward can be tangible ones like giving monetary incentives, or intangible rewards.
  2. Sometimes, having a very serious workplace can kill your creativity. That’s why, in order to bring fresh prospective to your brainstorm sessions, I advise you to go out in more chill and relaxed places like a park or the sea or any inspiring place that works for you. Thinking differently requires you an open mind but most of all a positive mindset. So, don’t be shy and ask your manager to take the team out for a brainstorming session.
  3. The best way to boost your creativity is to always foster your learning process. Grow your mindset and get involved in different projects. Engage a conversation with a technical manager or the finance guy or even the delivery guy, they always have something to teach you. But most of all, adopt my GOLDEN rule which is: try something for the first time every week.

In conclusion, Creativity is thinking differently but it’s also building on each other idea. It is more powerful when it is shared.