la foto (1)Today is the day of the volunteering. By definition it is understand that a volunteer is somebody who freely offers to undertake a task or service. Yesterday I had the chance to share with students from George Washington University about how to be part of a service learning program as volunteer impacts in your life in a holistic way.

Volunteerism has been an active professional stage during my ten years work experience. Being raised under a framework that inspired and pushed me to look further than me and my love ones, I started to really explore how my abilities were shared with others through service. Starting from motivational workshops for youth, going to one-one session counseling session and lately decided to jump in this adventure of serve to others in my fellowship, has transform me not only professional aspect but as well as a woman and human being.

Some people may believe that volunteering is just made it for people that have time to spend on activity with social/community approach. But it goes beyond that. As young professional, the journey of volunteering, have allowed me to discover talents and abilities, to set on myself strong human values, and finally to share the power to make this world a better place through a continuous act of humanity thanks to my professional capacities and skills.

In this day, I just want to encourage to all those amazing young professional volunteers to keep going! Keep pushing, keep creating and keep promoting the transformation into our communities: actions speaks more than word, and those actions defining your role as human being in the world!

Thanks to all the volunteers in this day for broader our perspective, for break down the social barriers through your conviction, trustworthy, empathy and dedication in your daily mission, because when the heart makes us move beyond, we can achieve great things, and I am convinced that your willingness can change the world.