I have heard from many fellows that my massage skill is amazing.
Here’s a story that I gave massages to some people in DC!

First of all, I gave a massage to my fellow friend in September.
He was sick when he visited my house and I offered him massage.
Later, he was very happy with my massage after receiving it for more than 1 hour.
I felt very glad that he enjoyed it.

Second, I gave a message to my roommate.
She was not feeling great, so I gave her massage with essential oils.
Afterward, she told others how great my massage is.

Third, I went to this farewell party for some fellows who were leaving soon.
There were many fellows at the party and people lined up to receive massages in front of me lol. They started to ask me about how I got to have a great massage skill.
Seriously, I don’t know haha.
I just love massage.
All I did was paying attention to the masseuses when I received massages in Asia such as South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and etc.

So, I think……it is a gift or I am very talented with massage although I have never gone to the massage school.

I can give you a massage about 1 hour without being tired. Isn’t it amazing that you don’t get tired? I feel very great if the recipients are happy with massage.

My last massage I gave is one of the staffs in my current host organization.
She was helping me fix internet connection with my laptop. I saw her rubbing her shoulder and asked her whether she needs massage.
she just smiled at me, that means YES.
I gave her massage and she told me she has lots of muscle pain because of holding her baby every day.

I was very happy that I helped someone with my gift or talent.

I am not sure what to call for my massage skill as a gift or talent.

Anyways, whenever you need some comfort, let me know!

-non-certified masseuse Jenny