The world of today is mostly development-oriented. Aside, poverty, violence and injustice arise and are even worse in some parts of the world. Born in Africa, I thought abroad was upper floor as I saw people flying, never thought they come back to the ground!
I thought of this for not a short time. My first time to fly and many more afterwards in Europe, Asia and the United States, I discovered that the earth is all the same everywhere but only the people present at that place make it different.
I was surprised to walk out of the train in Belgium and find a beggar laying a hand for me to give a coin! I never thought the United States had homeless people.
The truth about Africa is told and even exaggerated but only the good side of developed countries is told and even exaggerated!0807-US-Obama-Africa-Summit_full_600
A question to an African: do you sleep in trees? No, I have my own house. Where as many from developed countries don’t even dream of owning one of their own! The main African problem, struggle and challenge is really not poverty, HIV or Ebola, but its leadership and strategic planning.
The reality is that all men are created equal and the privilege we get is from what our ancestors have done.
America is such a great country in a way that you are free to dream and work towards your dreams with no influence or pressure, be it political or from your surroundings.
Development is a matter of vision, determination and hard work. If you have dreams but don’t work towards them, you will simply be a day-dreamer and if you work with no vision, you will find yourself wandering around the very same point. However, a favorable environment is very crucial in fostering success.
Keep sending donations is the least generous thing that developed countries should do for Africa.
If you teach me how to work for it, I will get even much more for myself and the rest of my people, but you are the enemy of my prosperity if you only keep giving me provisions for free without letting me have access to a way of getting some by myself.