After lonely two hours in my room trying to finish my report due for submission, I feel hungry. I call up my housemate Nadia asking her if she is hungry. She says yes. We meet downstairs in the kitchen in our haggard clothes. I propose making a soup and some Indian bread (roti) for sides.  Nadia agrees. As we sit down enjoying our soup and bread, I just reflect that this fellowship has not only helped me grow professionally but has diversified my food choices and liking. My housemates and my closest friends have played an important role in it. Nadia from Sudan often cooks Aseedah and yogurt soup. Aseedah is made of flour and when cooked appears like a rice dough. Quite a specialty! Hyun from South Korea introduced me to Kimchi, Tofu and Miso soup. Kimchi is cabbage pickle and now I can eat it with every meal I have. My former roommates Monica from Spain and Jia from Afghanistan taught me to make Tacos and Kabuli Pulao respectively. Kabuli Pulao is flavored rice with chicken cooked in variety of Afghanistan spices. My best friend sin these fellowships are from Pakistan who taught me to cook pulao, chicken curry and Haleem.

Last month was the month of Ramadan where my Muslim friends fasted the whole day without food and water from sunrise to sunset. Every evening they would gather together in my house to eat. Those dinners were a splendid scene. Fellows from all religions came together and cooked something every day. Almost twenty of us ate together celebrating Ramadan and the food was always in abundance.

Hence, this fellowship has got diverse people from different religion to come together, work together and live together.

Thank You Atlas Corps.