Al Gore talking about the climate crisis at SGSMelinda Gates at Social Good Summit

photo-7The past two days have been surreal. I can not believe that I have been in the same room with Al Gore, Malala, Melinda Gates and Barbara Bush. These remarkable leaders have convened at the Social Good Summit to inspire a global community of innovators around a shared vision of using technology and media to make the world a better place.

Its undeniable that the challenges set before us are great: gender violence, global poverty, unequal access to education and many others. Sometimes the magnitude of the challenges we face can be daunting. Is it really possible to create a better tomorrow? I constantly find myself asking this question, and I’m sure many people wrestle with it too.

As world leaders came together to discuss how technology can be leveraged to create social good, it became apparent to me that effective collaboration can help us get a little faster to creating a better tomorrow. One might ask if it is possible to collaborate in a rather diverse global context. I’ve learnt at the Social Good Summit that technology is redefining collaboration- somehow it’s easy for people in different parts of the world to connect within seconds. Google has provided us with GoogleHangOut, we have Skype and many other social media platforms like Facebook. Global change makers can easily spark conversations towards taking real action to create a positive difference.  I feel more hopeful that #2030 is attainable, especially with technology in the picture. I’m glad to be part of a global community of young leaders dedicated to make things happen. Hope others are equally inspired.