The Atlas Corps Fellowship engages professionals committed to social change in 12-18 months of service with organizations in the U.S. to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global leaders. For more information about this program and the benefits to participating, visit

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must have a college degree, have 2-10 years of full-time professional experience working to address critical social issues, be highly proficient in English, be no older than 35, and be committed to applying their experience in their home country after the program.

Skills might include (but are not limited to):

Technology Administration: maintaining CRM, data, or suite systems;
IT Process Management: designing organizational guides/manuals/process maps;
IT Systems Training: roll out new processes, strong user adoption;
Product Development / Project Management: client interfacing, design & coding, prototyping;
Client Relations & Customer service;
Product Deployment & Training: roll out new products, strong user adoption within target audience;

Previous experience & responsibilities might include (but are not limited to):

Formalizing processes & training materials on technology or IT systems for team members;
Installing & Refining Technology;
Maintain and advance platform based on evolving system requirements, industry trends, and technologies;
Building a product for client or organization: understanding user needs/requirements to build/support app, website, interfacing platform, cloud system.

Software experience might include (but is not limited to):

Information Technology (IT): A+, Network+, Java, Salesforce/CRM systems;
Front-end / UX/UI: Adobe Photoshop, React/Redux UI, node.js;
Full-stack Developers: MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, API;
Cloud Architect: Azure, IBM, AWS;
Machine Learning: Java, Python, R;
♦ Especially in tech, new systems, softwares, and languages evolve constantly! Share all that you are familiar with!

Technology/Engineering encompasses many skill-sets and backgrounds. We most commonly see requests for IT, UX/UI front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack engineers.

Application Process

Does this sound like you? Visit to learn more and start your application. Atlas Corps is accepting applications now for programs beginning in late 2021 and 2022. We encourage candidates to apply soon to receive priority consideration.

Mark Skill 1 on your application as Technology/Engineering and provide ample information on your skills and experiences! 

Do you have professional technology and engineering skills and experience but they compliment your primary skill (for example, data scientist or digital marketer)? Technology/Engineering could be marked as your Skill 2 or Skill 3. Skill 1 should reflect your primary skill-set (think what does my role title communicate?).

Compile work samples that can demonstrate your experience and responsibilities in this skill-set (these will be required in the application).

If Technology/Engineering is not your primary skill, check out the other skills that you can select on our application, and in particular, learn more about our priority skill areas.

Questions? Learn more about our current programs at and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question isn’t answered there, please email

Meet our Tech & Engineering Fellows

Edward López
El Salvador (Host: Solstice)
Elvira Khwatenge
Kenya (Host: Per Scholas)
Meriem Touami
Algeria (Host: boodleAI)
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