The COP 21 is just around the corner. Global leaders will gather in December in Paris to make their commitments to tackle climate change. The world is looking towards 2030 for a promising future and a brighter planet.

“We are the first generation that can end poverty and the last one that can end climate change.” – Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General.

SXSW Eco was no stranger to this fact and opened the stage for dialogue. While many topics where addressed, Climate was the protagonist and interconnected them all. Women and girls, Latin American communities in the US, food production, clean energy, corporate social responsibility, as well as empathetic technology for people and the planet.

Actor Evan Handler from Sex and the City joined the Center for Environmental Health to raise awareness on toxic chemicals. Did you know that there are 84,000 chemicals in active use in the products we use everyday?

Filmmaker James Redford not only presented ‘HAPPENING’, a movie about clean energy, he also lent his voice to interview the Mayor of Georgetown, which is in the path to become the first 100% percent renewable city in Texas.

Virtual reality, kept the #SXgood Hub full for both the United Nations VR experience and the Rainforest Partnership that juxtaposes natural environments with city-life in order to show how much human behavior has forcibly shaped our planet.

Michael Green’s Center for Environmental Health sent an email with a concrete climate action to every attendee willing to sign up.

Can you imagine all those conversations taking climate action in the long hallways of the Austin Convention Center? What is your pledge?