The growth of the world’s population and in particular the growing attention to the cities, some of them already hosting multiples of tens of millions of inhabitants, worried the researchers and question the policies and the decision-makers who have an obligation to ensure that the needs of their fellow citizens are met and to provide them with the most decent living and security conditions.

Scientists and politicians are also challenged by the almost continuous deterioration of the main conditions, which further exacerbate the situation, which is already very weak.

Climate disruption, resource scarcity, land degradation and loss of biodiversity add to the social imbalance that manifests itself in an increased impoverishment of populations and a worrying increase in poverty and famine that forces them to illegal immigration in constant waves with all the dangers that follow and the miserable conditions of welcome reserved for them faced with this disorder and the dangers threatening the future of the planet, an international mobilization has been set up to try to curb the evolution of these phenomena and reduce their harmful effects.

Thus, we can welcome the involvement of the international community, state and non-state organizations, scientific and academic communities, international organizations including the UN who mobilized with the slogan: How to ensure the sustainability of the planet Earth? How to improve the ability to withstand and resist disturbances that tend to become more frequent and more devastating?