In part 1-? How to improve the ability to withstand and resist disturbances that tend to become more frequent and more devastating?

What is sustainable development and resilience?

A draft resolution has been tabled in the UN General Assembly (69th Session August 2015), it contains seventeen goals with a deadline of 2030.
The seventeen objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. Ensure social equilibrium by fighting poverty, hunger, and famine, access to health care, education on an equal footing, right to work, access to housing, reduce inequalities in the same way country and from country to country…

2. Measures to preserve the planet: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its repercussions. Establish sustainable consumption and production patterns Conserve and sustainably exploit oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
Preserving and sustainably restoring ecosystems: Preservation of forests. Combating desertification, land and land degradation and loss of biodiversity,

3. Ensuring Greater Resiliency: Building a resilient infrastructure that can withstand and withstand disruption and reduce reclamation times. Make cities and settlements inclusive, resilient and sustainable.
4. Improve national and international governance
The text of the resolution contains also a deepening of the seventeen objectives; it would be interesting to consult them.
We must also remember that in the short term the objectives of sustainable development may be challenged by some actors, probably minority but very influential, who are inclined to think that their interests are questioned but eventually they will discover that they would be the one’s main beneficiaries because sustainable development aims to preserve the planet to meet the needs of present and future generations

Indeed it rests on a base of three pillars:

• Economic efficiency
• Social equity
• Environmental quality

And on four fundamental principles:

• Solidarity
• Caution
• Participation

For our part, we consider that SOLIDARITY is a principle that is not only fundamental but also indispensable for achieving the projected objectives by the scheduled deadline. All actors must place the general interest at least at the same level as theirs. This is another problem.