Today I will take you along the Mission…the cool neighborhood of San Francisco, where every block makes up for a story!

Sometimes is the story of a Mexican woman who sells flowers in front of Safeway…or the story of a Salvadoran cook, who makes the best pupusa in town…or maybe the story of a mixed international band, which plays Balkan songs in the 24th Street, in front of the Bart Station… it can also be the story of a young couple smoking marihuana laying on the street (the most vivid, authentic image from American Honey, starring some ordinary Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane)…stories of law-bending, catcalling and filthiness, noise and insecurity. The Mission has it all, but today I guess is about the story of a 26-year old female, 6500 miles away from the so-called home, walking down the street, tightly holding her Nikon, and reading between the façades of the Mission. She counts more than 23 shops that offer “envios de dinero”…and this is undoubtedly a story that she has heard before.