For the past decade or so, the term “social entrepreneur” has become the sexy label reserved only to a few, like a VIP club where the chosen people who care and worry about the social state of the world gather to think and act to save us.

This term also implies that classic entrepreneurs are not “social”, and don’t worry about the impact of their ventures on people or the environment, and that’s not true, entrepreneurs solve problems. There are companies that have been performing real social good for years and have improved our lives on many levels, without any social (feel-good) hook.

Many people are agents of change, and bring positive change and value to society through daily actions, projects and jobs. There is nothing new about helping people and improving lives.

There are on the other hand those individuals and companies who destroy our environment and the social fabrics of our communities. These are the ones we should leave off the hook and invent a new label for.

The rest of us are all social entrepreneurs.