After weeks of hardcore preparation, I was very proud to be part of Agora to showcase Impact Investing in Action at SOCAP14. I suffered from a week-long back ache and other symptoms from extreme fatigue, but it was all worth the effort. Every time I interact with our entrepreneurs in person, I feel more invigorated that what I am doing is really helping to create impact. I would love to continue working with Agora further serving such purpose.

At SOCAP14Agora turned the conference’s attention to Latin America by convening entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders to drive capital into businesses solving social and environmental problems in the region. In case you missed it, here’s a recap by the numbers:

  • 21 Deal Discussions hosted by entrepreneurs representing 8 Latin American countries
  • 12 sectors impacted by LATAM@SOCAP14 entrepreneurs (agriculture, business development services, community development, consumer products, economic development, education, energy, environment, finanial products & services, health, technology, water)
  • 200 Deal Books distributed (click HERE to get your copy)
  • US$23,475,000 sought in investment
  • 100+ investors attended LATAM@SOCAP14 Deal Discussions
  • 350+ people attended a marquee panel featuring Ben Powell (Agora CEO), Bill Draper (Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist), Susana Robles (IDB), and Agora McNulty Fellows Ana Barrera and Emily Stone
  • 10 slides presented depicting the story of the Agora Venture Fund
  • 10 funders joined the Agora Women’s breakfast
  • 1 “Agora office hours” session hosted
  • 44 items sold by Agora entrepreneurs at the SOCAP14 Marketplace201409_LATAM@SOCAP 준비 완료 201409_Overcoming Barriers to Growth for Women Entrepreneurs Breakfast 201409_SOCAP 마지막일 201409_SOCAP 전일 졸업식