Dragging attention to important or extraordinary occurrences now is easier than ever – all tools are just at hand. Literally. And one does not have to be a professional to report about what is happening – just use your smartphone for doing a live shot. It’s not hard.

For grass-roots NGO and people working in the field smartphone or mobile reporting may become an effective practice. We often become the first witnesses of special moments, and it is important for us to make information public as quickly and effectively as possible. And doing a live video shot really fits this purpose. For example, many of impartial election observers in Russia going live on social networks when they see violations of law.

I want to share several tips for doing a live shot.

Tools to use: your smartphone\tablet, headset with a mic, a selfie stick (optional, but recommended to get a steadier image) + your favorite social network and the Internet.

How to do a live shot

  1. Check your smartphone\tablet camera for its rotation is right, so the video won’t be turned over (and put the device on a selfie stick if you have it).
  2. Connect a headset to the device – it’s your mic.
  3. Describe a situation. Begin with current information. Say where you are and why you are there, what’s happening around you.
  4. You may stand in front or behind the camera. A good practice when introducing a story is to stand in front of your device’s “selfie” camera and then switch it to its back camera.
  5. There’s no need to maintain an eye contact with the camera, most likely you are describing something in your surroundings.
  6. Use your surroundings, try to come to a place of action as close as possible.
  7. If you live is long, repeat where you are and why you are there for those who’s just started watching your live.

That’s it. Easy, right?