As I am packing my stuff, preparing to leave the place I called home for the last 5 months, I am ready to share one of the highlights of my stay: my experience with 911!

I used to think I was the only creature living in my 2 bedroom house, until one day at 11:00 pm, to be exact, I saw a black semi-cylindrical thing moving behind my makeup shelves. I was terrified and without thinking, clearly, I jumped out of my bed and ran outside the whole house, with bare feet despite of the snow. I was hysterically crying because of the black snake that I convinced myself that I saw. I knocked at my Chinese neighbors’ door trying to reach out for help or company, they would not bother to open or even to ask what is wrong that made me go outside at this hour of this day. Sneaking from the window was the only thing they did.

It was getting colder as I did not have heavy clothes or even shoes on. I tried to think rationally and Eureka! 911! I will call 911. So I did, in less than a minute the operator calmed me down and redirected my call to White Plains station. I shared with them that I thought I saw a snake in my bedroom. 10 minutes later a force showed up, equipped with uniform and tools suitable for catching a snake. Politely they asked me to stay out while they catch the snake. They searched every single corner and turned the house upside down. “Ma’am, are you sure you saw a snake” the officer asked, as they could find nothing. He explained that is almost impossible to find a snake in a house as it is uncommon in White Plains, especially in winter. To comfort me, he said it might be a mouse, rat, squirrel or a raccoon. But, even that was impossible as I have no marks, signs or waste of these animals that may indicate they exist. He advised me to buy traps and spread them at different corners of the house.

The force was preparing to leave me in a messed-up house, worried that the snake was hiding and will show up when they are gone. The officer, who felt that I am scared as I live by myself, said “in case you see it again call 911, and we will come back. Feel safe, there is nothing, nevertheless you should know that these animals walk/ run besides the wall in a straight line so they will never come to the middle of the room where your bed is. In all cases, keep the light on as they appear in the dark.”

That was the longest night in my life, I was waiting.. not sure for what.

First thing I did the next morning was to get 20 traps of different shapes, styles and technologies. I spread them everywhere. I feel much safer now… a little bit disappointed as till the moment I have not caught anything.

One night last week, I noticed the same black thing, the snake again.. wait, it was not the snake.. it was the shadow of a Cable! 😀